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Sunday, 25 January 2015

What's In My Pencil Case | Back to school

Hello lovelies! 
Here's another back to school post ready for the start of school in a few days. 
Today I'm going to be showing you 'what's in my pencil case'/ my pencil case essentials.
Let me know in the comments what else you put in your pencil case :)

The Pencil Case
A new school year means a new pencil case! I usually buy an inexpensive one as there's no point buying something pricey that I'm only going to use for a year.
This one was $6 from Kmart and I chose this design because it reminded me of my summer holidays.
 It has two zip compartments and is slightly larger than an a4 book which means I can fit a whole heap of stationary in there!
These two pens have been my go to pens all throughout high school.
I like using the blue/black/red/green pen for all my writing and the
pink/purple/green/blue pen for headings.
4 coloured pens are great as you can use a whole range of colours without
having to keep changing pens.
This can be really helpful when you're rushing to write down notes but you still want them to look presentable.
As for pencils, I always keep a 2B pencil, HB pencil, a lead pencil and spare lead.
2B and HB pencils aren't too heavy and it can be erased really easily.
I also like to have a lead pencil for fine writing or drawing.
Eraser & White Out
For all those mistakes made with the last two items, I have an eraser and white out tape.
My school doesn't allow liquid paper so that's why I have the tape but to be honest, I prefer it as you don't have to wait for it to dry.
Gluestick, Scissors & Sharpener
3 very important essentials.
Not much to say apart from these are a must have!
Fine Liners
Fine Liners are really great to have to draw borders or to outline anything.
I keep a 0.4 tip, a thin tip which is slightly bigger than the 0.4 and a 0.6.
Having a range of sizes lets you achieve your most desirable line. 
Coloured Pencils & Markers
 Even in high school you'll need coloured pencils and markers at some point!
Great for assignments, flash cards and diagrams.
Highlighters are definitely a must have for school.
These ones by Sharpie have a 3 point tip that helps highlight different sized words.
I highly reccomend having more than one colour too. 
Flags & Sticky Notes
Lastly, flags and post it notes.
Flags are great to have as page markers that you can use in your textbooks or notebooks.
I always make sure I have post it notes so I can write down reminders or extra notes that I can paste about anywhere.

Hope you enjoued this post!
I'll be uploading my January Favourites on the 1st of Feburary.
Talk to you then :)



  1. I really like your pencil case and I too like having fine liners. Great post.


  2. amazing blog post had a great read :D

    love your blog

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  3. Nice post! Love the multi-color pens :) x