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Friday, 23 January 2015

Last Friday Night | GRWM

Hey everyone, here's another GRWM! 
Last friday was my friend's 18th birthday party. It was my first ever 18th I've ever been to
and I must say it was A LOT of fun!
Thought you might like to have a snoop into what I wore on the night :)
Enjoy xxx

Dress- Ally Fashion
So first of all let's talk the dress as it's probably the first thing that catches your eye. I spotted this on the racks of Ally Fashion and immediately wanted to try it on. It's a neon orange chiffon shift dress with a high neckline. At first I thought that it might not suit my body shape but now I feel as though whatever body shape you have, a shift dress will look devine! I've never been bold enough to wear something so bright but this year I told myself I'd be more adventurous so this is definitely a step in the right direction. To add to all of that, it was only $26 full price which I think is an absolute bargain for a very nice dress!!

Heels- Rubi Shoes
For shoes I went with these black platform heels that Sonia kindly lent to me (see her here).
I really like how the straps don't cut off the line of your legs, making them look leaner and longer.

Headpiece (being used as a necklace)- Lovisa
Rings on left and thumb ring- Lovisa
Purple Heart Ring- Prouds The Jewellers
Nail polish- O.P.I Solitaire
Why am I wearing a headpiece as a necklace you may ask? Well originally I bought it to wear as a headpiece but as the dress has a high neckline, I felt as though it really needed a necklace. Luckily for me this headpiece has elastic at the back so I could put it over my head. It also has a chain that runs from the front to the back which I just wrapped around the main chain to hide it.
I decided to go for silver rings instead of black because a) I don't have any black rings and b) because I thought that black rings would be too much.

For my hair I kept it natural!
I also applied some Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam the night before just to highlight
the orange a bit more.

For makeup I wanted it to be really simple to make the dress the statement piece. To do this I went for a very neutral look using the ChiChi 'Nudes' pallet, Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner, Australis Lip Liner in Tickled Pink over the lips and Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in LoveBug over the top. I'm also wearing natural looking fake eyelashes from a $2 shop.
*Apologies for bad quality photos as I took them with my phone :/

Here's a couple more photos I took before the party!
Hope you liked this post and all the photos I took.
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It would actually mean the world to me <3
Thanks in advance ;)


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