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Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015- the year of achievement | Tips and tricks to completing your New Years resolution

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 
I hope you all achieved what you wanted to and did things that you are proud of. 
Just wanted to say a big thank you to the very few people that subscribed to my blog and for those of you who leave such lovely comments :) 
My year would have definitely been different without this little space I created. 
On the first day of a new year, most people come up with a single or many New Years resolutions and let's face it, nobody ever sticks to them. But this year, we're going to change that.  
Here's a few tips on how to achieve your New Years resolution:
1. Think of your New Years 'resolution' as a goal. A resolution is the answer to a problem. So instead of saying you want to be healthier, you should make your goal to eat 5 serves of vegetables and 3 serves of fruit a day.  
2. Make sure your goal is challenging but achievable. You need to pick something that you can work towards for a whole year. That way, your goal can motivate you throughout the whole year instead of a few months. 
3. Keep reminders of your New Years resolution. In 2014 I came up with a list of things I wanted to do by the end of the year. When it got to the end, I realised that I had forgotten about half the things on the list. Therefore never completing them. But this year I'm going to put them on my mirror that I look at every morning so I am reminded daily of my goals.  
4. Actually stick to it. 
I know this may sound stupid but to complete a goal, you actually have to work for it. We all know New Years resolutions are hard always so hard to stick to. You make a goal at the very beginning of the year ready to achieve it by the end but then life gets in the way. School, tests, sports, parties, friends, family- suddenly there is no time for this goal. But have you ever been in a position where you thought, what's the point of life? 
If I knew the answer I'd happily share it with you but I don't so in the meantime I believe if you make a 'point' for yourself every year, you'll look back and be very proud of everything you have achieved.  
Goals make there a point in life. So whenever you ask yourself what's the point, look at your goal and say this is the point. To achieve great things even if they're as small as drinking 6 glasses of water a day. 
Now by the end of the year if you don't achieve your goal, that is OK. Don't feel disheartened as majority of the world wouldn't have either! As long as you tried and gave it a go, there's really nothing you could have done better so be proud.  
If you are the slightest bit curious, mine are to:
1. Prioritise my time so I don't leave everything to the last minute.  
2. Write down things that make me sad/angry/confused instead of crying about it or 
taking it out on somebody else. 
3. Write a blog post every week 

Please share your goals for 2015 down below in the comments!
I'd love to read them :)


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