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Sunday, 25 January 2015

What's In My Pencil Case | Back to school

Hello lovelies! 
Here's another back to school post ready for the start of school in a few days. 
Today I'm going to be showing you 'what's in my pencil case'/ my pencil case essentials.
Let me know in the comments what else you put in your pencil case :)

The Pencil Case
A new school year means a new pencil case! I usually buy an inexpensive one as there's no point buying something pricey that I'm only going to use for a year.
This one was $6 from Kmart and I chose this design because it reminded me of my summer holidays.
 It has two zip compartments and is slightly larger than an a4 book which means I can fit a whole heap of stationary in there!
These two pens have been my go to pens all throughout high school.
I like using the blue/black/red/green pen for all my writing and the
pink/purple/green/blue pen for headings.
4 coloured pens are great as you can use a whole range of colours without
having to keep changing pens.
This can be really helpful when you're rushing to write down notes but you still want them to look presentable.
As for pencils, I always keep a 2B pencil, HB pencil, a lead pencil and spare lead.
2B and HB pencils aren't too heavy and it can be erased really easily.
I also like to have a lead pencil for fine writing or drawing.
Eraser & White Out
For all those mistakes made with the last two items, I have an eraser and white out tape.
My school doesn't allow liquid paper so that's why I have the tape but to be honest, I prefer it as you don't have to wait for it to dry.
Gluestick, Scissors & Sharpener
3 very important essentials.
Not much to say apart from these are a must have!
Fine Liners
Fine Liners are really great to have to draw borders or to outline anything.
I keep a 0.4 tip, a thin tip which is slightly bigger than the 0.4 and a 0.6.
Having a range of sizes lets you achieve your most desirable line. 
Coloured Pencils & Markers
 Even in high school you'll need coloured pencils and markers at some point!
Great for assignments, flash cards and diagrams.
Highlighters are definitely a must have for school.
These ones by Sharpie have a 3 point tip that helps highlight different sized words.
I highly reccomend having more than one colour too. 
Flags & Sticky Notes
Lastly, flags and post it notes.
Flags are great to have as page markers that you can use in your textbooks or notebooks.
I always make sure I have post it notes so I can write down reminders or extra notes that I can paste about anywhere.

Hope you enjoued this post!
I'll be uploading my January Favourites on the 1st of Feburary.
Talk to you then :)


Friday, 23 January 2015

Last Friday Night | GRWM

Hey everyone, here's another GRWM! 
Last friday was my friend's 18th birthday party. It was my first ever 18th I've ever been to
and I must say it was A LOT of fun!
Thought you might like to have a snoop into what I wore on the night :)
Enjoy xxx

Dress- Ally Fashion
So first of all let's talk the dress as it's probably the first thing that catches your eye. I spotted this on the racks of Ally Fashion and immediately wanted to try it on. It's a neon orange chiffon shift dress with a high neckline. At first I thought that it might not suit my body shape but now I feel as though whatever body shape you have, a shift dress will look devine! I've never been bold enough to wear something so bright but this year I told myself I'd be more adventurous so this is definitely a step in the right direction. To add to all of that, it was only $26 full price which I think is an absolute bargain for a very nice dress!!

Heels- Rubi Shoes
For shoes I went with these black platform heels that Sonia kindly lent to me (see her here).
I really like how the straps don't cut off the line of your legs, making them look leaner and longer.

Headpiece (being used as a necklace)- Lovisa
Rings on left and thumb ring- Lovisa
Purple Heart Ring- Prouds The Jewellers
Nail polish- O.P.I Solitaire
Why am I wearing a headpiece as a necklace you may ask? Well originally I bought it to wear as a headpiece but as the dress has a high neckline, I felt as though it really needed a necklace. Luckily for me this headpiece has elastic at the back so I could put it over my head. It also has a chain that runs from the front to the back which I just wrapped around the main chain to hide it.
I decided to go for silver rings instead of black because a) I don't have any black rings and b) because I thought that black rings would be too much.

For my hair I kept it natural!
I also applied some Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam the night before just to highlight
the orange a bit more.

For makeup I wanted it to be really simple to make the dress the statement piece. To do this I went for a very neutral look using the ChiChi 'Nudes' pallet, Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner, Australis Lip Liner in Tickled Pink over the lips and Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in LoveBug over the top. I'm also wearing natural looking fake eyelashes from a $2 shop.
*Apologies for bad quality photos as I took them with my phone :/

Here's a couple more photos I took before the party!
Hope you liked this post and all the photos I took.
If you did, be sure to give my blog a follow on either bloglovin or email!
It would actually mean the world to me <3
Thanks in advance ;)


Saturday, 17 January 2015

DIY Book Covers | Back to School

Don't hate me for saying this but school is just around the corner ...
(every student rapidly runs to their beds and hides) 
I know, I hate me too but we can't stop time or make it go any slower so we might as well embrace it and get excited by all the new stationary we get to buy! 
So to try and get back into the school spirit I decided to decorate my exercise books just as a fun thing to do on the holidays as well as to make my books look cooler than everyone else's ;)

Polka Dot Contact $2- Target
Paint Splat Contact $2- Kmart

So this first design probably takes you back to your primary school days where your mum used to cover your school books in barbie or high school musical contact. Since we've all moved on from that stage, I picked up some simple patterned contact from Target and Kmart. These are really inexpensive and with some practise, really easy to apply. I like using contact as it not only makes your books look cool but it also protects them from tears which we all know will happen some time during the year!
For the labels I just used white paper and glued them on. I'd recommend using very strong glue and putting paste on the whole label so it's less likely to come off during the year.


If you can't find any contact you like, this next design is great for you!
It's virtually the same as the contact but you use patterned paper instead. I had all this paper at home already from my scrapbooking days so I'd advise having a look at home before you go out and buy some. As you may or may not be able to tell, I tried to pick paper that related to the subject of that book. For example for my biology unit 1 notes book I chose paper that looked like what you would see under a microscope. For both biology books I just wrote the labels with markers but for my media book, I decided to stick with the theme and put the subject and my name in a speech bubble. Some other ideas of picture labels are an apron for food tech, a poloroid for photography, some test tubes for chemistry, etc. etc.
To attach the paper to the book, I just used a glue stick but as paper is prone to ripping I suggest contacting the book in clear contact. I will be doing this once I know what homegroup I'm in.  
Unfortunately my paper could not cover the whole of my books so what I did was make a little margin just past the spine. You could also put patterned washi/scotch tape to add something extra.


An alternative to just writing the subject and your name is lettering. I found these at home but you can find them at any craft store or Kmart. I used lettering on paper that wasn't patterned and more plain to add something extra. I really like how the blue and green stand out against the rustic brown o this cover! 

For my maths book I covered it in hot pink paper and then lay graph paper over the top. As it was my maths book I wrote down heaps of equations and drew lots of shapes in different colours. If you're any good at drawing, you can also do this with other books but with a collage of sketches which would look really cool and unique. For the label I added another square piece of hot pink paper that's meant to be like a sticky note. I think it turned out pretty well.

This is by far my favourite design but it also took the most time. I got out a stack of old magazines and cut out triangles of anything that caught my eye using a template I made. I tried to choose things that were either patterned or unusual. This is a very 'Tumblr' inspired book and I absolutely love it. If you wanted to personalise it, you could use photos that you've taken yourself. I placed my name on the edge of the book though you could place it anywhere. I pasted the triangles onto purple paper which I glued to the exercise book. This probably took me about an hour but it was so worth it!!

I hope you got some ideas or inspiration from this post and will share it with your friends.
I had a lot of fun making these and I hope you do too!
Check back here soon for more back to school posts :)


Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Power of Will Power

Recently I started the Bikini Body Workout Guide (BBG) by Kayla Itsines to try and improve my fitness as well as tone up. For those of you who don't know, this is a world famous 12 week fitness guide that's helping shape women around the world (literally). The guide contains 2 circuits for certain days of the week. The program gets harder and more intense with every week so the amount of workouts you do will vary. Basically, you have to complete each circuit as many times as you can in 7 minutes and then do it all over again. As well as resistance/circuit training, you have to do low intensity steady state (LISS) such as fast paced walking or bike riding and also high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Before I decided to start the workout, I spoke to a few people who had already done it and they all said is was very very hard. Now me trying to be positive thought no it can't be that hard... Well it is. Not just on your muscles but your mind as well.

Yesterday I did my first Full Body Workout from the guide. It was physically demanding as usual but something else was different. As I started my second round of the circuits, I found myself slowing down. My heart was beating out of my chest. I felt light headed and my legs felt like absolute jelly. I got to a point where I said to myself, is this worth it? I was going to quit.

This brings me on the topic of will power. In that moment I thought I couldn't go on. I had to use every inch of my mind to tell my body that it can keep going. My legs were burning, my face was dripping with sweat but I needed to keep going. If it wasn't for this enormous act of will power, I wouldn't have made it. A couple hours later, I felt great. I felt like I accomplished something that was a major struggle. So this made me think, in life when you're at a point where you're about to give up, don't. Use every part of you to tell yourself to keep going because in the end you're going to be so grateful you did.

So I guess the message of today is to push your limits even when you think you can't.

I hope this was somewhat helpful !
Thought I'd incorporate some of these posts into my blog every now and again :)


Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015- the year of achievement | Tips and tricks to completing your New Years resolution

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 
I hope you all achieved what you wanted to and did things that you are proud of. 
Just wanted to say a big thank you to the very few people that subscribed to my blog and for those of you who leave such lovely comments :) 
My year would have definitely been different without this little space I created. 
On the first day of a new year, most people come up with a single or many New Years resolutions and let's face it, nobody ever sticks to them. But this year, we're going to change that.  
Here's a few tips on how to achieve your New Years resolution:
1. Think of your New Years 'resolution' as a goal. A resolution is the answer to a problem. So instead of saying you want to be healthier, you should make your goal to eat 5 serves of vegetables and 3 serves of fruit a day.  
2. Make sure your goal is challenging but achievable. You need to pick something that you can work towards for a whole year. That way, your goal can motivate you throughout the whole year instead of a few months. 
3. Keep reminders of your New Years resolution. In 2014 I came up with a list of things I wanted to do by the end of the year. When it got to the end, I realised that I had forgotten about half the things on the list. Therefore never completing them. But this year I'm going to put them on my mirror that I look at every morning so I am reminded daily of my goals.  
4. Actually stick to it. 
I know this may sound stupid but to complete a goal, you actually have to work for it. We all know New Years resolutions are hard always so hard to stick to. You make a goal at the very beginning of the year ready to achieve it by the end but then life gets in the way. School, tests, sports, parties, friends, family- suddenly there is no time for this goal. But have you ever been in a position where you thought, what's the point of life? 
If I knew the answer I'd happily share it with you but I don't so in the meantime I believe if you make a 'point' for yourself every year, you'll look back and be very proud of everything you have achieved.  
Goals make there a point in life. So whenever you ask yourself what's the point, look at your goal and say this is the point. To achieve great things even if they're as small as drinking 6 glasses of water a day. 
Now by the end of the year if you don't achieve your goal, that is OK. Don't feel disheartened as majority of the world wouldn't have either! As long as you tried and gave it a go, there's really nothing you could have done better so be proud.  
If you are the slightest bit curious, mine are to:
1. Prioritise my time so I don't leave everything to the last minute.  
2. Write down things that make me sad/angry/confused instead of crying about it or 
taking it out on somebody else. 
3. Write a blog post every week 

Please share your goals for 2015 down below in the comments!
I'd love to read them :)