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Friday, 19 December 2014


Hello everyone, I promised I would be writing some Christmas inspired posts so here is one of them!
Here's how to make a super duper simple Christmas treat that everyone will enjoy. 
All you will need is: Chocolate Sprinkles, strawberries and whipped cream (fresh or canned)
Step One: Wash your strawberries!! Health first kiddies ;) 
Step Two: Chop off the tops of the strawberries making sure it's straight so the strawberry will be on a nice flat even surface. 

Step Three: Slice the strawberries about half way and place the two parts together again.

Step Four: If you're using fresh cream, now is the time to whip it all up! 
It should go from running liquid to fluffy cream.
Just a side note: you will only need about a tablespoon of of cream per strawberry so don't make as much as I did. Learn from my mistakes!!
 Step Five: Take off the top of the strawberry and apply whipped cream to the base. 
Place the top back on and squeeze down slightly.
You could also use vanilla icing if you don't like cream. 
 Step Six: Add a little dot of cream on the tip of the strawberry to represent the puffy bit of a Santa hat! You can also add 2 little dots down the strawberry to represent buttons. 
I found it a little tricky to do this with a knife but if you place the cream into a piping bag, it would be much easier. 
Step Seven: Finally place two chocolate sprinkles in the cream for eyes.
This step can be very tedious but it looks so cute!

These are great little snack to add to your Christmas table as they literally only take 10 minutes to make and they're absolutely adorable! 
Not to mention they taste good too :) 

I hope you enjoyed this Christmassy post.
Stay tuned for more over the weekend!!


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