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Monday, 15 December 2014

Decorating the Christmas Tree

By now you've probably already put up your christmas tree as I did at the very beginning of this month so this post isn't going to be very inspirational. But I'm very nosey and I love to see how other people decorate their christmas trees and houses so even though this won't necessarily inspire your tree this year, I hope you have some fun having a peak at mine!

The Tree
Unlike the UK, us Australians aren't privillaged enough to grow lusious bright green christmas trees so every year we use a fake one.
One day I would really love experience having a real christmas but I guess I'll have to wait.
This tree is nearly 20 years old but it's still going strong so we continue to use it.
Every year my family decorates our tree with all our decorations collected over the years, strands and strands of lights and heaps of tinsel!
Now that I'm older, I didn't feel like our traditional random decorations so I decided to conduct a change and go for a red, white and silver theme!
To forfill the theme we had to go shopping for new decorations which is always one of my favourite things to do at christmas!
First stop was Target where we picked up the following in a 'buy 2 get the 3rd free' deal:
2 White 3D Glittery Stars- $3 each
2 White 'Merry Christmas' Baubles- $3 each
Red and White Striped Bauble- $3
Glass bell with White Swan- $5

The last thing we got from Target was a packet of 6 red baubles- 2 matte, 2 shiny & 2 glittery

After that we went to Woolworths for our usual grocery shopping where we found the following:
Packet of 4 Clear Striped Red and White Baubles- $4
Packet of Clear Red and White Snowflake Baubles- $4
Checkered Red and White Ribbon- $2
I think the bows add a really nice touch to the tree!

All the other decorations featured above were things we already had so I have no idea where they're all from.

 To top it off we bought a 3D silver star for $6 from the Reject Shop.
I really wanted one that lighted up but unfortunately I couldnt find one that fit the top of my tree.
After I put up all these decorations, the tree still looked a bit bare so we bought some more baubles from Coles!
Packet of 24 small glittery red and white, matte red and silver baubles- $4

Packet of 6 red baubles with white glittery detailing- $4

Finished Product
We used colourful fairy lights all over the tree from the Rejct Shop. We've had the lights on the top and bottom of the tree for ages but the middle ones are new. The new lights are smaller and spaced out more so that's why the middle isnt't as lit up as the rest of the tree which is really disappointing but oh well.
Overall I'm really happy with how it turned out!
I'd love to see how you decorated your christmas tree so tag me on instagram @everythingabbierose
Merry Christmas :)



  1. Aww it looks so good! It always takes us a few months after Christmas day to pack away our tree!

    M + K