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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Outfit Ideas

Today I thought I'd share my two outfits that I will be wearing on christmas eve and christmas day. One look is very casual whereas the other is more dressy. 
Just a side note: I didn't bother to do my hair or makeup for these photos as today was 30 degrees and it was just too hot to put a face full of makeup on or use any hot electrical equipment.
Hope you don't mind :p

Outfit #1
I'm wearing:
Red Singlet Top- Target
Light Denim Wash Shirt- Target
Black Jeans- Gift from overseas
Gold Chain Necklace- Colette

On Christmas Eve, we have dinner at my house with my dad's side of the family. It's usually very laid back and I think my outfit represents that. To add just a little bit of glam, I'm wearing a gold chain necklace from Colette (bought for $4 on sale!!) and gold rings from Lovisa that are not pictured here. Even though I'm dressing up the outfit with accessories, the jewellery itself is very simple so it goes well with my casual look. I think red and black on christmas looks amazing and to break up the bright block colours, I added a light wash of denim. If you're wondering why I'm not wearing shoes, it's because I'm not going to be wearing shoes on the day so why picture it but if I were, I would wear a pair of black sandals. I'm also planning to keep my makeup very simple with lots of brown and nude shades with a pink lipgloss. 

Outfit #2

I'm wearing:
Top- TEMT 
(featured in my last GRWM)
Maxi Skirt- Valleygirl
 Sandals- Kmart
(not that you can see them..)

And these pictures are a clear example of how I didn't bother to do my hair.. Apologies!!
 So as you can see this is a little bit dressier than my other outfit. On christmas day we have dinner with my mum's side of the family where everyone makes more of an effort! Though saying that we still try to keep it quite casual so as for makeup, I will be keeping that quite simple. I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this peach maxi skirt as it hangs really nicely and is such a lovely material for the summer.  

So that's what I'm wearing for Christmas! 
 Hope you liked 



  1. your so pretty!! seriously obsessed with your blog :)

    1. aw that's so sweet of you :) hope you had a very merry Christmas!