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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Party ǀ GRWM

Hello lovelies! I hope you're all having a nice weekend :)
Last night I went to a partaaay and I thought you might want to see how I got ready! I'm hoping to make this into a series of GRWM blogposts so please leave a comment if you like this sort of thing.

For my hair I went for one of my all time favourite hairstyles. First I straightened it, then parted it in the centre and then made two braids on either side making sure I had little bits of hair at the front.
I then tied both of those braids together using a black elastic.
Simple as that!

My black cropped top is actually the bodice part of a dress that I got from an op shop.
I basically just chopped off the skirt and neatened up the edge.
It wasn't as simple as it sounds but it sure was worth it!

I then paired this with a white skort from Valleygirl. I usually stick to flowy skirts and stay away from shorts and tight skirts as I have fairly large thighs so this was definitely a bold move for me. Instead of a straight line skirt I opted for this skort that has two triangle panels that overlap so if didn't make my legs appear as large as they would in a pencil skirt. We all know that white looks the best on tanned bodies so I fake tanned the night before using Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in dark.

As the outfit was very monochrome, I decided to add a pop of colour on my feet. These very high wedges are from Betts and I absolutely love them! The only problem is that I have quite broad feet so my toes don't exactly peep though the peep toe :')

As for accessories, I kept it simple with plain silver jewellery. My thumb ring is from Lovisa's sterling silver range and my matching heart ring and necklace are from Proud Jewellers.



  1. such a cute outfit for a party! Love the skirt!