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Friday, 28 November 2014


So let's start this post by saying I'm sorry...
I was meant to write this 2 weeks ago but then studying and exams got in the way so I just
didn't have time :(

Anyways, on the 15th of November myself and 4 other friends experienced a night
that we will never forget.We arrived at Ethihad Stadium full of excitement at 12:30pm.
That's right ladies and gentlemen, we were going to wait 7 hours to be at the front of the mosh pit to see the one and only KATY PERRY.
To my surprise there were only 3 groups of people already waiting, so we were practically at the front of the line! Now I'm going to be honest with you, those were the slowest 7 hours of my life.
No food, repetitive music or constant instagram checking made time go any faster.
But nonetheless it was SO worth it.
6:30pm came and the massive dash up the stairs begun.
I really wanted to sneak in my DSLR camera so I brought a bag and had to have a bag check whilst the rest of my friends sprinted away and left me.
Luckily for us, we were all able to find each other again at the front of the cue!!
We had to wait here until the doors opened at 7:30pm where the second mad rush happened as everyone flooded the stadium. We managed to get a spot on the right-hand side of the triangle at the point, just behind the VIP's.

The actual concert was pure amazement. Being a dancer myself, I was so overwhelmed with the amount of skill her dancers had as well as Katy Perry herself. She sung all her songs to absolute perfection and the stage lighting and effects were just incredible. One of my favourite moments from the concert was when the little boy next to me got called up on stage to receive pizza from Katy Perry. I did shed a few tears at this very cute moment but I must admit I also cried because it wasn't me (Lame I know but I was so close!!). I'm having trouble expressing how spectacular it was so I'm going to leave you with some pictures as sometimes pictures speak louder than words!

Hope you enjoy :)

KP lookin' at me ;)


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